About Shari Lovenheim

A nationally certified school psychologist, Shari Lovenheim serves New Jersey’s Wayne Public Schools. Her work at Anthony Wayne Middle School includes counseling students, performing diagnostic screenings, and developing behavior intervention and individualized education plans and programs. Shari Lovenheim has also provided community outreach, crisis intervention staff training, and psychological and curriculum assessments.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in 1998, Shari Lovenheim studied for her Master of Science in Education in School Psychology at Queens College. While there, she completed an externship in Manhasset, New York, that provided an opportunity to collaborate with teachers and develop a behavior improvement plan for a student. Ms. Lovenheim also participated in a psychologist-in-training internship in Brooklyn that required conducting counseling sessions and community outreach.

In 2004, she completed multiple continuing education programs to enhance her work as an effective school psychologist, including seminars on school safety as well as alcohol and drug abuse at Queen’s College. Shari Lovenheim also attended a United Federation of Teachers’ seminar on the prevention of school violence in addition to one offered by the New York City Department of Education on the identification and reporting of child abuse.

In 2005, Ms. Lovenheim completed her graduate studies and started working at a Brooklyn public school as a New York State Certified School Psychologist before assuming her current role in 2006. She holds membership in several professional organizations, including the National Association of School Psychologists. She also belongs to the School and Educational Psychology Divisions of the American Psychological Association.

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